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It is the most effective alternative in laser hair removal for high tech clinics. It mixes the benefits of the 3 world-known wavelengths in aesthetics, achieving previously unthinkable results.


The Criofreqcuency causes a thermal shock that stimulates the synthesis of new collagen and elastin fibers, producing an instant, progressive and long-lasting lifting effect in a single session.


HIMFU corporal is an advanced technology, non-ivasive, unique for the treatment of localized adiposity. The patients can reduce between 1 and 3 contour centimeters per session, obtaining an incredible body reshaping effect


Is a secure and non-invasive therapy which stimulates a regenerative response on the tissues of the intimate female region. Aesthetic treatment and funcional of the intimate female region for the syndrome genitourinary


Its aspiration together with the action of the fixed rollers, provoque on the skin a studied and controlled a fold that movilice the tissues and micro-circulation without causing tearing, flaccidity our damages on the skin


It consists of a mechanical peeling without pain that deletes the exterior layers of cells on the skin, spots, deep wrinkles, sequelae of acne.

New Air Purifier by
Ultraviolet Radiation and

The most avanced technology applied to aesthetics

The trust that our clients have on our brand has permitted us being on the market for over 17 years, that experience led us to achieve an effectiveness and quality on our equipment that position us successfully on an international level.
Thanks to the work in team that we do with our dealer network and partners, we are now on more than 35 countries in América, Europe, Asia and Africa

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