+ Multifrequency Radio Frequency

Sagging, Wrinkles and expression lines, Adiposity, Cellulite, Body shaping.


APPLICATIONS: Localized adiposity, Body shaping, Cellulite.

With our BHS 156 it is possible to combine two excellent treatments developed exclusively by Body Health, such as CryoFrequency and Body HImFU. This equipment is very easy to handle and offers the possibility of using body and facial treatments.

AVAILABLE VERSIONS: BHS156 Veneri (CryoFrequency and Multifrequency Radiofrequency + Body HImFU) BHS156 Cryo-RF (CryoFrequency and Multifrequency Radiofrequency)


CryoFrequency is a safe and non-invasive therapy that combines the transmission of cold (-25 ° c) from the head to the dermis, causing internal heating of body tissues (more than 55 ° c) caused by multipolar radiofrequency waves . This combination of cold and heat causes a thermal shock that stimulates the synthesis of new collagen and elastin fibers, producing an instant, progressive and long-lasting lifting effect in a single session.

HImFu Corporal

HImFU Corporal is an advanced, non-invasive, unique therapy for the treatment of localized adiposity. It uses multifocal ultrasound waves that cause a thermomechanical effect on the adipose tissue causing its destruction. Patients can reduce between 1 and 3 cm of contour per session obtaining an incredible body reshaping effect

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