Body treatment

Localized adiposity, Body shaping, Cellulite.

Tratamiento Corporal

Adiposidad, Celulitis, Modelado corporal.

How it works?

It is an innovative, non-invasive, painless, safe and effective treatment that allows to combat localized adiposity in the abdomen, flanks, riding pants and sub-gluteal fold, achieving an incredible remodeling bodily. It is the only therapy capable of achieving a 1 to 3 cm contour reduction from the first session without the need for surgery, punctures, or discomfort and without bruising.

They are sound waves of energy concentrated by ultrasound that act making a thermomechanical effect that manages to reduce the subcutaneous fatty tissue without damaging the dermis, epidermis or adjacent tissues.
These ultrasound waves generate an increase in the temperature in the adipose pad causing vibrations of the adipocytes that lead to the rupture of the cell membrane easily and the release of triglycerides that will be metabolized by the liver and used as a source of energy.
Unlike the traditional HIFU, the HIMFU system is based on the emission of MULTI-FOCUSED HIGH INTENSITY ULTRASOUND waves, this allows covering larger areas thus obtaining an enhanced lipolytic effect

The HIMFU technology has a transducer that works at 2.9 Mhz delivering MULTIFOCAL energy at a depth of 2.5 centimeters, preserving the most superficial layers of the skin and improving its quality.

The power Ultrasound Multifocalized

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10 Questions and Answers About Body Health HImFU

In the first place, due to the safety it provides for both the operator and the patient, since it has the emission of ultrasound waves in a multifocalized manner with a controlled depth of 2.5 cm, which allows a vibration in the adipose tissue with its consequent destruction, without discomfort for the patient. HiMfu is a treatment that allows the reduction of 1 to 3 cm of body contour in a totally painless way, this makes it a very effective therapy to combat localized adiposity and achieve an incredible body remodeling

– Pleasant and painless treatment
– It is fast and easy to apply
– Does not require hospitalization or recovery period
– Does not leave marks or scars
– Durability of long-term results without harmful effects on health

– Localized adiposity greater than 2.5 cm thick.
– Cellulite

– Depending on the thickness of the adipose tissue, between 4 and 8 sessions every 7 days are recommended.

– Maximum of 25 minutes

The patient can return to activities of daily living immediately after the
It is advisable:
– Maintain good hydration to promote the elimination of toxins during
– Reduce caloric intake and encourage the use of physical activity to accelerate the
metabolism of triglycerides released during treatment

  • Reduction of 1 to 3 cm in body contour in the area to be treated per session
  • Body reshaping
  • Results from the first session
  • Lasting effects over time

– Lymphatic drainage of the area treated with Dermohealth is recommended
– After the HiMfu session, CryoFrequency can be performed to improve the appearance of the skin and tighten the treated area

No adverse effects have been reported with HiMfu.

Treatment can be performed on: Abdomen, flanks, riding pants (external face of the
thigh) and subgluteal fold with adiposity greater than 2.5 cm thick.