Specialists in Aesthetic Medicine

20 years developing and producing the best aesthetic medicine equipment in the medical segment.

International References

Learn about the testimonies of the best professionals in the world of aesthetic medicine about our equipment and therapies

World presence

With offices and plants in USA, Europe, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, we bring innovation in aesthetic medicine to more than 45 countries.

Clinical studies

Each of our therapies is backed by international clinical studies and has the necessary scientific certification.

We are specialists in Aesthetic Medicine

Transform your space with the latest technology in medical equipment.

Advanced therapies

Designed to improve the patient’s comprehensive health through scientific and technologically innovative treatments in rehabilitation, aesthetics and well-being.

Medical Line

With cutting-edge technology, which provides precise and efficient tools for diagnosis and treatment, ensuring optimal results in comprehensive health.

by 'Med Line'

Find cutting-edge therapies such as ReFreeze, Enygma, Cryo-RF MAX and HImFU in a single device.​


At Body Health we are committed to raising the standards of the aesthetic medicine industry, providing state-of-the-art equipment to enhance the well-being of our clients.

Shape your future

Each of us is unique, akin to works of art; our bodies speak, communicate, and express who we are.
Our equipments serve as the ideal instruments of transformation, crafting wellness and shaping not only our lives but also our world and our future.

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