Patient Guide

Explore frequently asked questions about our therapies.


Do we perform CryoFrequency only in a combined way?

It can be done in three ways: Monopolar and Multipolar separately, or a combination of both. Monopolar reduces, Multipolar tightens, and the combined approach achieves excellent reduction and tightening effects.

Can the therapy be performed on the jowls and neck?

Yes, the treatment is performed using Multipolar technology.

How should the Monopolar plate be correctly used?

It should be placed in the zone opposite to the area to be treated. For example: If we are working on the abdomen, we will position it on the lower back with neutral gel for conduction.

Can it be used while breastfeeding?

Absolutely! Multipolar CryoFrequency can be performed during breastfeeding. This treatment is particularly recommended for post-partum patients, aiding in scar reduction and tissue regeneration (once discharged by the obstetrician).

How long does each session last?

Each session is a maximum of 40 minutes on the same area.


What does it do? / What is it used for?

It is an electromagnetic pulse that emits waves penetrating up to 8 cm into the skin. This technology is capable of addressing both muscle strengthening and adiposity reduction.

Is it possible to work on several zones?

Yes, with its 4 applicators, you can simultaneously target up to two zones, reducing the overall number of sessions needed.

For patients with previous training, sessions are recommended 2 to 3 times per week. For those new to strength training, it is advisable to start with 1 session per week.

How many Teslas of power does it have?

Our device boasts 10 Teslas of power, enabling shorter sessions while still delivering effective results.

How long are the sessions?

The duration varies based on the area being treated. Sessions for the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks typically range from 20 to 30 minutes, while for the arms—due to their distinct muscular characteristics—15 minutes per session is recommended.


Why is it an innovative treatment?

The Laser Crystal 3D PLUS stands out as the most advanced and effective technology in laser hair removal, catering to all skin phototypes. Its innovation lies in personalized programs, ensuring adaptability to individual needs for optimal results. Moreover, the incorporation of a cooling system maintains the transmission of cold from the device’s head to the skin, minimizing pain and discomfort throughout the session, ensuring a safe, effective, and pleasant treatment experience.

What are its main benefits?
  • Clinically proven efficacy.
  • Quick and easy to apply.
  • Pleasant treatment thanks to its Cryocooling system.
  • Suitable for all skin phototypes.
  • Perfect for any area of the body.
  • Can be performed at any time of the year.
What are the main indications?

With its combination of three wavelengths, this device allows for the treatment of a wide range of skin types, from phototypes I to VI according to Fitzpatrick’s classification. It is also effective for treating blond, brown, and black hair colors.

Laser hair removal typically involves sessions every 4 weeks at the start of the treatment. After 3 to 4 initial sessions, it is advised to space them every 45 to 60 days. On average, approximately 8–10 sessions are required, though the exact number may vary based on the individual response of each patient.

How long is the application time?

The duration varies depending on the area to be treated. A complete body hair removal session covering the whole leg, underarm, and armpit typically takes approximately 30 minutes.

How should the skin be prepared before the session?

Avoid sun exposure for a week before the treatment.

Refrain from using any hair removal methods (tweezing, waxing) for at least 20 days before the session.

No peeling (mechanical or chemical) should be done 20 days prior to the treatment.

Ensure a thorough shaving of the area the same day of the session, without applying cream, deodorant, or makeup.

What precautions should be taken after treatment?

Avoid sun exposure.

Refrain from applying any product on the skin except moisturizers and sunscreen.

Between sessions, do not use tweezers or wax to remove hair.

What are the expected results?

Removal of 98% of the hair in the treated area.

Definitive treatment of folliculitis.

Stimulation of collagen fibers through its Crystal Skin system.

Lightening and improvement of skin quality.

When can the first results be observed?

Results are evident after the first application.

What areas can be treated?

Se puede realizar tratamiento en toda el área corporal, excepto mucosas (oral, nasal, anal, vulvovaginal)

  • Cuidado extremo con la zona periorbicular
Maintenance sessions

It is recommended that the need for maintenance sessions be evaluated annually as various patient factors, such as hormonal factors, can trigger hair growth.


How long does each session last?

Each session lasts 40 minutes maximum.

Is it possible to work on tightening and reduction at the same time?

Yes, it is achievable by programming the adiposity plus flaccidity mode.

Can it be combined with other therapies?

Yes, HImFU can be performed on the area to be treated before ReFreeze to enhance the overall results.

Can RadioFrequency and Vacuum be performed separately?

Yes, it is possible by programming the different parameters of the equipment.

Can it be applied with neutral gel?

No, it is essential to use vegetable glycerin as a conductive product at all times.


In which session do you start to see results?

The timeline for results varies based on the patient’s response and the degree of cellulite. On average, noticeable results can begin from the 4th session. It is crucial to complement the treatment with regular physical exercise and a healthy diet.

The body head is used for arms, while the Dermoleds head is ideal for the neck, face, and décolleté. Its size and shape are designed to perfectly adapt to these areas.

What is the difference with the regular Vacuum?

Unlike a regular Vacuum, our system features an axial turbine that provides a constant and even suction flow. This ensures a more uniform drainage without the risk of creating hematomas and flaccidity associated with a flap-type suction.

Will bruising occur?

As long as the appropriate power is chosen for each type of tissue, there should be no bruising, flaccidity or tears. A thorough diagnosis of the patient is crucial before performing the treatment to ensure optimal results and safety.